Long Distance

Our Long Distance Plans are Long on Value

OmniTel has several long distance plans available to meet your calling needs. All OmniTel bundle customers receive 300 FREE long distance minutes per month.

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Block of 300 Long Distance Minutes - FREE with any OmniTel Bundle

When you choose any of OmniTel’s FLAT RATE Packages, your first 300 minutes is always free! All minutes after the 300 included minutes are just 10¢ per minute with no additional minimums or plan charges.

U.S. 10¢ Plan - $3.95 per month

If you don’t do much long distance calling, your long distance varies from month-to-month, or you tend to call different people in different parts of the country, our simple 10¢ plan is for you. You pay just 10¢ per minute no matter where you call! Includes calling to the United States (including Alaska & Hawaii), the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada & Puerto Rico.

10¢ Within 25 Miles Plan - No monthly plan charge

If your calls are mostly local, this is the plan for you. You pay just 10¢ per minute for all calls within 25 miles. For long distance calls over 25 miles away, you pay 15¢ per minute during nights and weekends and 18¢ during the day.

Simple Savings - No monthly plan charge

If you make very few long distance calls, our Simple Savings plan offers you a low 14¢ per minute rate with no monthly plan charge no matter where or when you call!

North Iowa Plan (Unlimited Calling) - $29.95 per month

If you rack up lots of long distance minutes calling places like Mason City, Charles City, Cresco or Waverly, this plan gives you unlimited calling to anywhere within 40 miles for ONE LOW RATE! Even if you call all day every day, you’ll never break your budget again! Calls outside of the 40 mile radius are just 14¢ per minute.

Other long distance services:

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are not just for businesses anymore. They are also perfect for parents with children in college, people who travel and want to save money when they call home, or anyone wanting to save money on incoming collect calls.

Anyone can get a toll-free number for only $3.00 per month (our business customers pay $5.95 per month) and your first 20 minutes minutes are FREE! And, you’ll pay just 15¢ per minute for all incoming calls after your first 20 minutes (our business customers pay 10¢ per minute). So get your very own toll-free number today. With rates like this, you can’t afford to be without one!


Why spend $400 on a plane ticket for a 3-hour meeting?  Save time and money with OmniTel‘s Conference Calling.

Sometimes you just have to be there. But for the times when you don’t, consider conference calling. Conference calling lets you communicate effectively and affordably–saving valuable time out of the office and hundreds of dollars in travel costs every time you use it.

With conference calling from OmniTel Communications, you can schedule a conference for as many as 32 people in 32 different locations, in as little as 10 minutes before you need it. You can even schedule it online.

You may also manage your conference online, add people as you need them during the call, adjust the volume of individual participants and much more.

Next time, call North Iowa’s business telecommunications leader. One quick phone call will give you all the information you need to get started.

To find out more about Teleconferencing Services from OmniTel, call 749-2531 or 1-877-OMNITEL.