Caller ID

Name & Number: Caller ID lets you see the name and number of the calling party trying to reach you. The display unit or display phone needs to be compatible with Caller ID. Nationwide number delivery may vary depending on the capabilities of a long distance carrier's telephone network. $4.95


Check your messages anytime from a touch-tone phone. With voicemail, you can still receive your messages when you're surfing on the web, talking to someone else, or just away from the phone. Place a call to your voicemail box and retrieve your messages. Private and secure! Just the way we know you want them to be. Contact our office to sign up. To activate your voice mail dial 297-1234 and follow voice prompts to set up box. $3.95

Call Waiting

Never miss an incoming call while you're on the phone. Call waiting alerts you while you're on the phone. You can put the first party on hold while you answer the second call. Then return to your first caller. Contact our office to sign up. Once you have call waiting, you will hear a short beep that tells you you have another call. Push the handset button or flash button momentarily to the place the first caller on hold and answer the second call. Repeat to get back to first caller. $1.00

Call Forwarding

Calls to your phone can be forwarded to another selected number. A great feature to use when you want that important phone call to get to you wherever you are. Contact our office to sign up. To set Push *72 on a push button phone. Wait for the second dial tone. Dial the 10 digit telephone number (if it is NOT a local call) where the call is to be forwarded to. The forwarded telephone will ring. Forwarding is set up if the ringing telephone is answered. If no one answers or the phone is busy, hang up and repeat steps 1-4 again to complete the call forwarding process. Toll charges will be billed to your number for each call that is forwarded long distance. $1.00

3-Way Calling

Add a third party to your conversation. Just establish a normal call, push the FLASH button, and dial the third party. When the ringing party answers, once again push the FLASH button and all three parties are connected! $1.00

Service Shield

A small price for peace of mind! We will respond to your telephone problems during business hours without being charged a trip fee. The Wire Maintenance feature also includes a half hour of labor to repair the trouble once the difficulty has been isolated. If it is determined that the trouble was caused by telephone company equipment, no charges would apply. $4.95

Unlisted Directory

Looking for additional privacy? Call our office and ask about Unlisted Directory. Your name will no longer appear in any phone book or through directory assistance which adds personal privacy in your home. $2.00

900 Block

Protect yourself against huge unwanted phone bills. 900 Block stops someone from making costly 900 calls from your phone. And the best part is it is FREE of charge, only from Interstate Communications. $0.00

International Block

Much like the 900 Block, avoid costly, accidental calls to a foreign country. We also offer this feature FREE of charge with your protection in mind. $0.00

Toll Restrict

For customers who want local service only, toll restrict will prevent long distance calls from being made on their phone. A great way to manage your monthly services. $2.00

Personal Account Code

Looking for a way to keep long distance but prevent others from abusing it? It is as simple as a PAC Code. This feature requires a code that only YOU will know will allowing only YOU to dial long distance. $2.00

Trunk Rollover

In your multi-line business, you want the ability to answer every call. Let Trunk Rollover search for an idle phone line while another line is in use. Now the customer can reach you when they need you the most. NOW! $1.00

Anonymous Call Rejection

Blocking all calls that would appear on Caller ID as "unknown" or "out of area", this is one way to block your phone from telemarketers, but it could also block desired calls (ie. Doctor's office calls) from coming in too. $1.00

Selective Call Rejection

Being bothered by just one number? Selective Call Rejection will block that number from coming into your home. $1.00

Telemarketer Block

Allows subscribers to inform callers that they do not want to receive telemarketing calls. Callers will hear an announcement stating that the line does not accept calls from telemarketers and the caller must press 1 to be connected. $1.00

Voicemail push to e-mail

Now you can have your home voicemail messages sent straight to your email box for your review. See the number that called and hear their message. Plus you can even save those special messages to hear over and over! Free


Add up to two additional phone numbers and they will all ring at the same time no matter where you are. Never miss a call again. $1.00