Interstate Communications offers these Internet speeds to all customers in Truro, St. Charles, St. Mary's and residents of Emerson, Henderson and Imogene. Our speeds are symmetrical, so the download and upload speeds are the same.


Pricing for speeds up to 1Gbps are available on an individual case basis upon request.

tri    Tier 1: 2Mbps  $34.95*

tri    Tier 2: 10Mbps $49.95*

tri    Tier 3: 20Mbps $69.95*

tri    Tier 4: 50Mbps $99.95*

tri    Tier 5: 100Mbps$149.95*

     *when also subscribing to local telephone service


With Broadband Internet from Interstate Communications,
you'll get lightning fast connections as well as:

tri    Unlimited Internet access

tri    A choice of Internet speeds

tri    Faster website searches

tri    20 megabytes of space to host your own website

tri    Faster downloading of files

tri    Dedicated "always on"access, no more dial-up

tri    Up to 5 FREE email addresses with main account

tri    Share one account with multiple computers


Interstate Communications also offers Secure IT Plus, a fully automated and guaranteed computer protection service. Antivirus, Firewalls, Windows Updates and Parental Controls all in one. This also provides the tools to maintain your hard drive, and sends you a monthly newsletter about what's happening on your machine. Just set it and forget it.


24 hour Technical Support: 800-205-1110