Pay Per View events may be purchased through the program guide. Programs that are available for Pay Per View purchase will appear in the program guide with a PPV gold ticket symbol, the event price, and the air time.


To purchase a Pay Per View event:

1.    Select the Pay Per View event and press the OK button.

2.    A Purchase Information window will appear showing Event, Start Time, End Time, & Price.
3.    The user may also select whether or not the purchased Pay Per View event should be shared with all set top boxes in the defined Whole Home Group. Unless the Share Whole Home field is set to “Yes,” the Pay Per view event will only be viewable on the set top box that the event is purchased from.
4.    Enter your Purchase PIN.
5.    Select Purchase.
6.    A Confirm Purchase window will appear showing the Pay Per View event purchase information. The event will have a reminder automatically added once the purchase is confirmed. Select Confirm Purchase.
7.    Once the Pay Per View event has been purchased, the event will show a PPV ticket icon within the guide.


Download Instructions Here


Change Parental Control and Pay Per View Purchase PIN

Press “Menu” and go to “My Settings”. Arrow to the right, highlight Parental and press the OK button, you will find Parental Control options to Change PIN, Edit Locked, Set Ratings, Time Restrictions, Cancel Override, and Options.

Change Parental Control and PVV Purchase PIN
1.    Within the Parental menu, arrow to the right and select the Change PIN category (For the Ratings PIN or Purchase PIN).
2.    Use the arrow button to highlight change PIN and press the OK button.
3.    Enter the Old PIN, arrow down and enter your New PIN, and then arrow down to confirm the New PIN. Select OK to save your new PIN. Contact us for the default PIN.
4.    Once the PIN has been successfully changed, a prompt will appear. Press the OK button.


Download Instructions Here