Interstate Communications is excited to introduce our new IPTV service to our customers. With our new IPTV service our customers will enjoy over 220 channels with many of them in High Definition. The new service also offers DVR, which allows you to record TV shows, and whole home DVR. Customers will be eligible for the new services once their home has been converted from copper cables to fiber optics.

Packages & Pricing

tri    Digital Essential Package - $30.95 per month (local channels plus some extras)

tri    Digital Advantage Package - $87.95 per month (over 200 channels plus free HD)

tri    Digital Advantage Complete Package - $137.95 per month (All of the Advantage Package plus all of the premium movie channels)

Premium Channels

tri   HBO - $16.00

tri   Showtime - $14.00

tri    Cinemax - $13.00

tri   STARZ - $13.00

tri    HD Package - $2.00

DVR & Whole Home DVR

tri    DVR Service - $6.00, first set top box included

tri    Whole Home DVR - $6.00

tri    Second set top box - $3.00 per month

tri    Additional set top boxes - $5.00 per box per month

tri    Additional remote - $14.95